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Please fill in the application form below. In addition, the people applying for internship (not EVS) to completed application, you are required to submit three letters of reference. Two should be professional references (work or study related), and the third should be from a personal reference (non-family). The completed reference form must be sent directly from your reference to the Solheimar Intern Programme coordinator (email address and fax number) by the application deadline.

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I am applying for the following workplaces (choose three projects and mark in order of interest and preference): (1) Sesseljuhús Center for Sustainable Development, (2) Ölur Tree nursery - Forestry, (3) Sunna Organic Horticulture, (4) Nærandi Food Production and Bakery, (5) Vala Art Gallery, Grocery Store and Coffe Shop, (6) Art Workshops (weavery; textile; painting; ceramics; organic soap-making, (7) Maintenance and Carpentry *

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Questions - short answers

What are your reasons for applying to the Solheimar Programme? What attracts you to Solheimar? *

What do you foresee as being a challenging aspect of the Solheimar experience? How do you see yourself working with these challenges? *

What does the concept of community mean to you? *

Please describe any international experiences, or ways in which you were asked to extend beyond your own culture. What have you learned from these experiences? *

In your own words, define “sustainability” and describe what a sustainable community means to you. *

Please include any other details about yourself (do you play an instrument?) passions, hobbies, educational goals, group-working experiences, aspirations, interesting facts, etc.). *

Please describe your learning and internship goals for your stay in Solheimar in a brief essay (500 words or less). This should include the specific project-area you want to focus on with an emphasis on your learning goals and educational background/experiences that would help you attain these goals and help the community of Solheimar. *

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