Sólheimar Relief Fund

The Solheimar Relief Fund was established in 1986 and works according to a charter to support the growth and activities in Solheimar.  The fund is also a channel for gifts and support for the village.  There is a fundraiser held twice a year to support projects the fund has planned.  The tasks of the fund are:

-To subsidize or lend money for practical construction in Solheimar
-To subsidize or lend money for the purchase of tools and instruments 
-To subsidize or lend money for education in a field related to activities in Solheimar
-To subsidize or lend money for travelling, summer vacation and other leisure activities for residents

Much of the residential housing in the village is owned and managed by The Solheimar Relief Fund, but the fund has also leased sites for residents to construct their own homes.  The fund has permission to buy or build and operate social apartments, vacation homes and other types of housing.  The fund can also participate in business activities.

Leased Residential Housing

31 apartments
2 communal apartments
5 senior citizen apartments
4 apartments in two row houses
12 houses

Leased Workplaces

Ólastofa—housing workshops
Ingustofa—housing workshops
Sesseljuhus—environmental and sustainability center

Those who would like to contribute can direct funds to this account:

Landsbanki Íslands
800 Selfoss

Kt. 620586-1299

For more information, contact:

Pétur Sveinbjarnarson, Chairman of the Board of Directors


Auður Finnbogadóttir, Managing Director





Sólheimar sjálfbært samfélag | 801 selfoss | Iceland | Sími: 422 6000 | solheimar@solheimar.is