Sólheimar Church

solheimakirkja1Powerful sermons are given during masses in the Solheimar Church, held every other Sunday throughout the year.  The church is operated in cooperation with the priest from Mosfells.  Solheimar Church has also served as a venue for marriages, lectures and confirmation ceremonies.  Work is underway to establish a cemetery near the church, with the goal of it being completed next year.

Music is a vital component in the Solheimar Church throughout the year and a number of choirs visit Solheimar to hold concerts in the church.  The Summer Art Festival in Solheimar takes place from early June to early August, which involves concerts at the church every Saturday.

  • All are welcome in Solheimar Church
  • Consecrated on July 3, 2005, the 75th anniversary of Solheimar, by the Bishop of Iceland, Karli Sigurbjörnssyni
  • Árni Fridriksson of ASK Architecture in Reykjavik was the architect of the church.
  • Other designers include Jón Guðmundsson (engineering) and Þór Stefánsson (electrical)
  • Groundbreaking began on June 30, 2000 with blessings from Sister Magneu Þorkelsdóttur and Bishop Sigurbirni Einarssyni
  • Construction began in August 2002
  • Area of 238 square meters and volume of 1160 cubic meters
  • The walls are concrete and stone with turf on the outside.  The roof is a laminated timber structure covered with wood, a breather membrane and driftwood.
  • solheimakirkja2Materials used in the church’s construction are in accordance with Solheimar’s policies on environmentally-friendly materials.
  • The church seats 168 people on the main floor and 26 in the balcony, for a total of 194 possible occupants.
  • In the lobby, there is a sacristy, coat rack, toilet, and mechanical compartments.
  • Agnar Guðlaugsson, former CEO of Solheimar, and Þorvaldur Kjartansson, Master Carpenter, oversaw construction of the church.
  • Mosfells priest Rúnar Þór Egilsson also presides on occasion
  • From November 2004 through September 2005, Rev. Helga Helena Sturlaugsdóttir served as pastor in the church.
  • Rev. Birgir Thomsen has served as pastor in the church since October 2005.
  • The church is funded by the Solheimar Relief Fund as well as money and material gifts from individuals and businesses.  The church was debt-free on dedication day.
  • Solheimar owns and is responsible for the church.




Sólheimar sjálfbært samfélag | 801 selfoss | Iceland | Sími: 422 6000 | solheimar@solheimar.is