Solheimar has strong and effective collaborations with numerous parties both domestically and internationally about which you might want to find out more.  Árni Fridriksson of ASK architects has had a stable and effective collaboration with Solheimar over the years, designing most of the buildings in Solheimar since 1985.  Solheimar has built a solid partnership with ASVL of Norway in recent years.  AUS helps Solheimar coordinate the stay of volunteers in the village.  Echo charity organization and Solheimar have had a successful and stable partnership for years.  Echo has built their health Center here at home in Solheimar.  Solheimar’s solid partnership with Camp Hill involves exchange of knowledge and visits.  The Center for Ecological Living & Learning (CELL) has partnered with Sesseljuhus to conduct research and a three week annual spring course in Solheimar for American college students.  Dynamo is responsible for a lot of the packaging and promotional materials for Solheimar.  Much work has gone into the coordination of the look of the packaging, advertising and promotional materials.  The state prison has collaborated with Solheimar to create a program wherein prison sentences can be carried out partially in Solheimar to help with reincorporation into society and the strengthening of family and community ties.  The Ministry of Social Welfare partners with Solheimar on providing services to people with disabilities.  Fraedslunet Southern and Solheimar work together to educate and train the staff of Solheimar.  In addition, the candle workshop in Solheimar offers courses in candle-making through the Fraedslunet education network.  Solheimar is a member of the Global Eco-Village Network (GEN) and is active in their work.  Heating Suðurnesja is a sponsor and reliable supporter of Sesseljuhus and Solheimar.  Landsbanki is a sponsor of Sesseljuhus.  Ljósaborg school students are involved in educational projects in Solheimar for one semester.  National Power Company is a sponsor of Sesseljuhus.  Solheimar’s solid partnership with Marli of Germany involves exchange of knowledge and visits.  SEEDS helps Solheimar coordinate the stay of foreign volunteers in the village.  This Selfoss group successfully coordinates with Solheimar the care of elderly residents of the village.  Solheimar’s solid partnership with Sólakra involves exchange of knowledge and visits.  BROKEN LINK Suðurlandsskógar Soil Conservation Service and Forest Service helped start Solheimar’s Olur Forestry and secure 199 hectares of land.  The Ministry of the Environment is a sponsor of Sesseljuhus.  The Ministry of Labor and Solheimar have worked together in recent years to rehabilitate unemployed persons.  World Wide Friends helps Solheimar coordinate the stay of foreign volunteers in the village.





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