Residents and management

residentsThere over 100 residents in Solheimar, who are very diverse, including disabled people, long-time unemployed people, prisoners and long-term patients.  They range widely in age and some have been here most of their lives.  Roughly 45 of the residents have special needs.  The majority of the residents work in the village, but a few work elsewhere.  Ten to fifteen people live elsewhere and commute to work here.  The children attend school in nearby Minni-Borg.  The focus is on the individual and his/her development rather than the actual reason why people are living in Solheimar. 

A directory of the residents can be found in the phonebook (“símaskrá” in Icelandic).





Sólheimar sjálfbært samfélag | 801 selfoss | Iceland | Sími: 422 6000 |