Sólheimar Guesthouses

The bed and breakfast in Solheimar is open year round.  Accomodations are offered in two buildings with a total of 33 beds.  All guests have access to the community swimming pool and hot tub. 

In the Brekkukot building, there are three double rooms and seven single rooms with shared bathrooms and a common central space complete with large kitchen, eco-innovative living room and beautiful sunroom.  There is also an apartment available with three beds, a double sofa bed in the living room, a bathroom and kitchenette.

In the Veghúsum, there are six double rooms with bathrooms and two apartments.  There is a great shared kitchen in the house as well as beautiful spacious living room and large deck with fantastic views. 

Visitors can cook completely on their own if they so choose, but breakfast, lunches, coffees and dinners are available for groups upon request.  Each house is supplied with a propane grill, DVD player, CD player, hair dryers and a crib.

Very good meeting and conference facilities are available in Solheimar.

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More information can be provided by the staff off Sesseljuhus
Phone:  +354 422 6080
Mobile:  +354 855 6080
Email:  sesseljuhus@solheimar.is and gisting@solheimar.is 


Pictures of Brekkukot  and Veghús.  





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