Brekkukot – Nærandi

brekkukot1Brekkukot’s activities are complex, but most revolve around food production.  Brekkukot is in charge of operations at the bakery, food-processing, cafeteria, food service and cleaning services for Solheimar.   Naerandi is a certified organic bakery whose products are made exclusively from organically cultivated ingredients.  Its breads, cakes and pies are served in the Solheimar cafeteria and sold in Graena Kannan café, Vala Market and a few shops in the Reykjavik area.  Naerandi’s food-processing team produces jar products such as marmalades, chutney and salsa along with soups, spices and oils all from organically cultivated natural materials. 

In addition to the current product line, there is continued development and new products are consistently added.  It is worth noting that products from Naerandi are available in Frú Laugu and Yggdrasil stores in Reykjavík.  The goal is to offer products on sale in several shops in  Reykjavik. 
The residents of Solheimar are provided lunch in the cafeteria on weekdays.  Meat or seafood dishes as well as vegetarian entrees are served with many ingredients coming from Solheimar’s own Sunna Greenhouse.






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