Group Programs and Tours

groupSolheimar is a fun place for tourists to visit.  The artistic, creative, international and environmentally friendly atmosphere that surrounds the site has a strong draw.  The art exhibitions, concerts, masses in Solheimar Church and, on weekends during the summer, various events in Graena Kannan café, the theater and outdoor market attract a number of visitors to Solheimar and the number increases every year.  More and more people opt to tour the diversified local economy accompanied by a guide and view a photo slide show to learn about Solheimar’s history, activities and ideals.  It is essential to stop by the shop in the afternoon to browse the unique selection of health products as well as the wide variety of arts and crafts from the many workshops in the village.  And a pleasant end to the day is to be had sitting in the café looking out over the greenery and sampling dishes made from organic ingredients.

Photo Slideshow and Walking Tour with a Guide
Solheimar has much experience in receiving visitors.  One option, as mentioned, is a guided walking tour and photo slideshow lecture presentation, which takes 1.5 to 2 hours.

Sesseljuhus also offers an educational package called “Sustainable Development and Solheimar.” This is a general discussion about sustainable development, sustainable buildings and the various environmental issues Solheimar has encountered since its establishment in 1930.  The educational package begins with a conference discussion on sustainable development, the requirements for sustainable buildings and how Sesseljuhus meets these requirements accompanied by a photo slideshow and walk through Sesseljuhus.  The group then is taken through the “Clean Energy—A Better World” exhibit which focuses on renewable energy sources.  The program concludes with a walk through the village of Solheimar with commentary on its history and everyday life.

Services for Travel and Special Interest Groups
Solheimar is well prepared to receive large travel or special interest groups on day trips.  Diverse programs are available and can be tailored for the needs of the client, ranging from single day programs to theme weekends in conjunction with Brekkukot Guesthouse.  There are fitting facilities for catering to groups of up to 100 in Graena Kannan café and Sesseljuhus has suitable meeting and conference spaces.

For more information and to arrange a visit, please call Sesseljuhus at +354 480 4483 or email





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