Sólheimar program (3 weeks)

In the
 three-week scedule we work with your university teachers to formulate and develop the scedule before the group arrives at the Solheimar

The scedule can therefore contain courses from Sólheimum such as:

  • Introduction to Sólheimar community
  • Icelandic language and culture
  • Sustainable buildings
  • Organic farming
  • Community garden
  • Compost making
  • Etc. 

More courses can been seen here .

Please contact us for more information about the content of the course and the scedule.

Note: Not all courses are sceduled all year round, therefore the scedule of this timetable can change. Please contact us for more information about scheduling courses

The scedule can therefore contain study tours such as: 

  • Natural monuments
  • Guided Hikes
  • Golden circle trip
  • Renewable energy tours
  • Sustainability tours – Eco – building
  • Academic lectures
  • Historical monuments
  • Etc. 

More study tour possabilities can been seen here .

Also the program can include workshops designed by the teachers and staff of your university that they are in responsable of.

This is a self drive and self guide program. For more guided tours, take a look at our study tour side .

We can also assist you to book buses and rented cars. 

This is a self catering program in which we provide all ingredient for the group. However lunch is served every weekday in the canteen at Sólheimar. If you would like to have prepered breakfast and dinner please contact us.

Program capacity: group of 10-40 people

Whats included:

  • Sólheimar Courses. 
  • Sceduled trips.
  • All breakfasts, lunches, dinners. Vegeterian meals available.
  • Accommodation.
  • Access to people in organic farming and environmental studies.
  • Access to Sesseljuhus Eco- center for your own workshop or activities. 

Contact: sesseljuhus@solheimar.is




Prenta þessa síðu.






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