Other Facilities

Solheimar has a multitude of facilities to entertain visitors and residents alike.

Lunch Hall – Breakfast- Lunch – Dinner
As part of the village’s tradition, every weekday lunch is served to the entire community in vigdisarhús, the village’s lunch hall right next to the guesthouses and Sesseljuhus. This beautiful building has large windows and a spacious room for your dining pleasure. It also hosts the famous Nærandi or organic bakery, where we make different kinds of cakes and cookies that are enjoyed by people in the community and sold in Reykjavik. The lunch always offers the possibility of vegetarian and non-veggie meals, and there is a a salad bar as well. Besides lunch, breakfast and dinner can also be provided.

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Heated pool & Hot tub
your stay in the guesthouse comes with free access to our pool house, open year round between 8am and 10pm. The outside swimming pool measures 6x12m and is geothermally heated to an agreeable temperature of 34°C. There is also a hot tub of 39°C. The pool acts as a social gathering place for the residents of Solheimar. It can be used for aquatic exercises or just as a nice place to relax after a work-out in our gym. 
The pool and the tub are temporarily closed down for maintenance.


Sports hall & Gym

Our fully equipped gymnasium with several treadmills, ping pong table, exercise bikes & weight training machines allows for daily exercise. In the same building you can find the Sports Hall, where you can practice a range of indoor sports including hockey, basket ball and badminton. The sports hall also serves as a gathering area for the villager’s morning meetings, and has a stage that can be used for all kinds of performance acts. In Solheimar we also have a football field that can be used for out-door activities.

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Those interested can visit the famous Solheimar Church, a beautifully designed building situated on a hill in the center of our village, with mass held every other sunday. the church is a wonderful place to host music performances, choir practices or other activities. 


Vala shop & Coffee house

Solheimar has a grocery store called Vala, where you can buy a range of organic food and products. Some of the food is grown in our organic greenhouse, and you can also buy souvenirs made in our art workshops. next to the shop you’ll find Græna Kannan (Green café), our coffee house inside a greenhouse. In winter the café serves as a meeting place after church, and soup & bread is served here every thursday after work. In summer the café is open every day. in the café you can buy cakes from our organic bakery, as well as the usual coffee, tea,… 





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