Study abroad in Sólheimar

The study abroad program is aimed at student groups of all ages and educational levels. Sólheimar has six years of experience in hosting study abroad programs like University programs, Leonardo, Erasmus, Grundtvig, Youth in Action projects (now Erasmus Plus) and CELL (Center for Ecological Living and Learning). Solheimar has also proven to be an excellent location for organizing art programs or other leisure activities (choir practices, yoga sessions, team building,…). If you are looking for a venue to organize educational programs you might want to consider Solheimar. 

Located in the south of Iceland, we can offer you a place for both short- and long-term stays in Iceland. We provide you with excellent accommodation  and a wide range of facilities. Furthermore, Solheimar can help you to coordinate your program and meet the needs and interests of your group. For more information, check out the ‘Your costumized program’ section.  

The residents of our sustainable community are very diverse. In Sólheimar disabled people and their caretakers, long-time unemployed people, volunteers with different nationalities, etc. all live and work alongside each other. They make up the beautiful community that is Solheimar, and you can choose the extent to which you want to be part of this community during your stay.  

The video below documents the stay of an American student group from the CELL program, they stayed in Sóheimar for three months. 

cell-vid1 from bob kelly on Vimeo.





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