Educational programs in Solheimar have increased in recent years with internships first being available in 2010. The internship program offers students the ability to gain work experience and learn about their career paths as well as gain insight on environmental and social sustainability under the guidance of Solheimar’s nurturing staff.

Solheimar internships offer students the unique opportunity to participate in projects aimed at strengthening the Solheimar community and making it more sustainable. Solheimar is a world renowned community for people with special needs and internships here will provide students with firsthand knowledge about living in a sustainable community, while allowing them to focus their career paths and work on personal goals.

More detailed information on our programme in this document

Here you can download a Internship Application form (Word). Note: You can send us you online application form if you prefer by clicking on “Application form” to the side.

Here you can download Reference form (Word)

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You can apply for an internship with the following areas within the village:

1. Sesseljuhús Environmental Centre

2. Nærandi Food Service and Bakery

3. Vala Shop and Græna Kannan Café

4. Workshops (fine arts, weavery, ceramics, herbal, paper making, candle making and woodworking)

5. Maintenance and Construction

6. Ölur Forestry -tree nursery

7. Sunna Greenhouses – Organic Horticulture

More information about the programme here.

The internships are offered during the following sessions. You can apply for more than one session.

Winter Session
January 1st – Friday March 29th
Application Deadline: November 1st

Spring Session
March 1st – May 31st
Application Deadline: January 1st

Summer Session
June 1st – August 31st
Application Deadline: April 1st

Fall session
September 1st – November 30th (or December 31st)
Application Deadline: July 1st





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