Social Life

felagsstarfAnother important pillar in the ideology of the Solheimar community is enriching social involvement.  All social activities are open to all residents, not specific groups.  If extra support is required for participation, it is of course provided.

A large variety of social and cultural events are available and many of them are also open to visitors.

Social and cultural activities are the key to implementing reverse integration.

Menningarveisla, Solheimar’s cultural festival, has become an annual tradition of the village due to its consistent popularity and success. The festival begins in early June and goes through the beginning of August.  Offerings include concerts, exhibitions, slide shows, environmental programs, sightseeing tours and much more.

Menningarveisla is a unique opportunity for the residents of Solheimar to have a lot of fun together and provides incentive to the public to come see and learn about Solheimar.





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