In accordance with the role and purpose of the community, operations depend on four funds:

Holiday and Employee Training Fund
The Employee Training Fund was founded in 2002, on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Sesselja Hreindís Sigmundsdóttir.  It has been combined with the Holiday Fund and together these go toward holidays for the home population and to promote the education and training of residents.

Cultural Fund
This fund accumulates from set annual contributions from the companies in Solheimar and Solheimar itself.  The fund is primarily responsible for the purchase of works of art and the sponsoring of cultural events.  Recently, it has been the main task of the fund to obtain the artwork Sólgátt by the artist Ruri.

Industrial Development Fund
Profits of the companies of Solheimar flow into this fund.  The fund is used to support and strengthen economic development and for overall improvement of the economic activity in Solheimar.  Among its projects, the fund has been buying various tools for workshops, renovating the coffee house and conducting ecological research on the structure of the bakery and food-processing.  Monies are also used to support the expansion of the Sunna greenhouse.

Peter’s Fund
This fund was established on August 23, 2005.  That year, the fund was used to purchase the bells and altar for the Solheimar Church.  Since then, the fund has supported numerous other projects including the construction of Vigdisarhús dining hall and Hraunpryði volunteer house, movement of a house in Solheimar, a new greenhouse facility for Olur Forestry and grants for the purchase of equipment for Sunna Greenhouse.





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