Charter of Sólheimar

This version was adopted by Solheimar’s body of Representatives in 2002.

Article 1
The organization is a private foundation called Solheimar.  The land and buildings belong to Solheimar, Grímsnes, Grafningshreppur and Árnessýslu.

Article 2
Sesselja Hreindís Sigmundsdóttir and The Childcare Committee of the Church of Iceland are Solheimar’s founders.  The initial capital is ISK 3 million and shall never be, in real terms, less than that amount.  Agency assets and liabilities belonging to Solheimar are private, as approved by this charter.  Surplus, which will be of the institute, will go to its own funding and be spent on the projects listed in Article 3.  Moreover, other income or assets, which may come from individuals, corporations or public bodies that grant, gift or bequeath, shall be treated the same.  If the institute incurs a loss, it will be paid out of its funds or moved to the next fiscal year.  Individuals enjoy no special rights in the organization.

Article 3
Solheimar aims to be a sustainable society (eco-village), a community that emphasizes the cultivation of man and nature.  It should be focused on bringing its food, buildings and inhabitants into harmony with nature through generation of its own power, organic farming and production of goods from natural and recycled materials.  All activities must take account for their economic, social and environmental impacts.  Solheimar may provide social services to people with special needs wherein individuals are provided training and guidance in order to enable them to live normal lives and make a name for themselves in the community where they fare best.  Solheimar may carry out business operations either directly or through association with independently operating companies.  Solheimar may establish and operate social housing and rent land for residential or commercial buildings.  Solheimar may also aid individuals with special needs abroad on their own or in collaboration with others.  The village of Solheimar is financially independent and operates under a special charter.

Article 4
The Representatives of Solheimar shall be responsible for ensuring Solheimar is operated in accordance with applicable laws and that the traditions that have developed over the decades of the organization are honored and kept, if possible.

Article 5
The Solheimar Board of Representatives shall consist of 17 appointed members.  Members are to be elected during the annual meeting of the general assembly, but the number of openings available during each election varies as the term per position is four years and people start at different times.  In the case of a Representative leaving his or her position for any reason before his or her term ends, he or she shall be replaced by another person during elections at the next annual meeting.  Representatives can propose new members and must submit these suggestions in writing at least one week prior to the convening of the Annual General Meeting for inclusion on the ballots.  Representatives may be awarded multiple terms.

Article 6
At the Annual General Meeting, the Representatives shall elect five members from among them to be on the Executive Board managing Solheimar, each in a one year term.  Chairman of the Board shall be elected in a special election.  When the Board is divided on an issue, the majority shall rule and have the right to commit the institution.

Article 7
The annual meeting of Representatives shall be held before the end of May each calendar year.  A special meeting may be held at the discretion of the management or at the written request of five Representatives or more, where the agenda is set.  Special meetings shall then be convened within two weeks.  The council shall notify Representatives of the special meeting my letter, telegram or other secure manner.

The Annual General Meeting agenda shall include the following identified issues:

1. Annual Report of the Commission.
2. Annual Reports of the last year shall be submitted for approval
3. Budget shall be submitted for approval
4. Election of the members of the Representatives and according updating of the council
5. Election of Executive Board according to Article 6
6. Confirmation of the appointment of an auditor according to Article 9
7. Election of two account inspectors and two backups according to Article 9
8. Other matters

Article 8
The Executive Board of Solheimar manages the affairs of the organization and its interests at all times.  The Executive Board shall submit all major decisions about the organization to the Representatives, as it considers necessary and depending on the importance of the case.  The Executive Board may appoint an Executive Director to carry out the daily operations of the organization and pledges allegiance to his or her decisions.  Land and houses shall not be mortgaged with a new lending institution without the consent of the management.  No property shall be binding several veðböndum, obligations or liabilities which are irrelevant to her purpose.

Article 9
The operating and financial year of Solheimar shall coincide with the calendar year.  The Executive Board may set aside annually a fair amount to ensure the financial well-being and maintenance of the organization.  At the Annual General Meeting, the Representatives must verify the employment of an auditor for one year who will review the accounts of the organization.  Furthermore, at the Annual General Meeting there shall also be elected two inspectors from the agency to be account representatives for one year, as well as two backups for the same period.

Article 10
Amendments to this charter or the decision to discontinue operation of its authority shall be approved by at least 2/3 of the Representatives.  Should the decision be made to cease the operations of Solheimar, the flow of its assets to the institute and its projects shall be discontinued but directed toward similar projects as specified in Article 3.  Representatives must then settle all other matters as needed as well.

Article 11
Where the provisions of these Articles do not provide for how matters shall be handled, operations shall comply with the provision for Non-Profit Institutions Engaged in Business No. 33/1999, as well as other provisions as may be applicable.

Article 12
This charter replaces the previous charter of Solheimar that was adopted on January 25, 1993, which hereby expires.

Transitional Provision
Within four weeks of amendments to the charter being accepted, the Executive Board convened a meeting of the Representatives where 17 Representatives were elected.  Appointments of Representatives thereby ended.  Four were elected for one year, four others for two years, four others for three years and five others for four years. 





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