Ölur Forestry

Olür is the only certified organic forestry sales center in Iceland and a government standby for obtaining trees for national reforestation projects.  Olür formally began operations on April 27, 1991.

It is much more work to raise up plants with organic methods, but on the other hand, organically grown plants have stronger root systems and therefore stand up better in Iceland’s harsh climate.  Not using chemicals helps to discover which species thrive best in this area’s conditions. 

A sharp increase in the sales of trees and plants in recent years has come with the commitment of holiday home owners, neighbors and other visitors to travel from far away to get strong beautiful plants from Olür.  The forestry is named after a particular species of tree that is notorious in plant circles and always in demand.

The plan is to increase production of stable seedlings of lettuce and herb plants for people to continue growing on their balconies or in their gardens to have readily available self-grown organic salad leaves and fresh herbs for cooking.

Plants offered are diverse and include these main types of cultivation:

  • Alaskan Poplar
  • Northern Birch
  • Ash, various species
  • Willow, various species
  • Pine, various species
  • Spruce, various species
  • Flowering Shrubs
  • Summer Flowers
  • Lettuce and Herb Seedlings

Solheimar has initiated experimental cultivation of various species of fruit trees in collaboration with the Horticultural Society of Iceland the Agricultural Bank.  They are planted near the forestry center and interested growers and foreign visitors can walk between the trees to discover new possibilities and/or varieties from their own culture.


Solheimar is a member of the Farmers Alliance managed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Olür manages the breeding, planting and caring for many woodland areas.  Planting began in 1991 on over 200 hectares of land in the area of Solheimar.





Sólheimar sjálfbært samfélag | 801 selfoss | Iceland | Sími: 422 6000 | solheimar@solheimar.is