Solheimar is a world renowned sustainable community known for its artistic and ecological atmosphere where about 100 people live and work together.  It was founded in 1930 by Sesselja Hreindís Sigmundsdóttir (1902-1974).  It is a small village set out in the countryside, characterized by vegetation, open common spaces and buildings that nicely co-exist with the landscape.  Solheimar is blessed with enough space for residential and common housing and there are ideal conditions for outdoor activities in the village, which play a big part in the residents’ health and well-being.  The Solheimar community focuses on the growth and development of man and nature.  The overarching social goal is to provide individuals of various backgrounds the opportunity to work, live, and socialize.
The activities in Solheimar are diverse.  In the village, there are organic greenhouses, both for vegetable cultivation and nonfood plants, as well as a forestry, in fact the only organic forestry in Iceland.  There is also a shop/gallery in Solheimar, a café, a bakery, guesthouses and many art venues throughout the year. There are six workshops in the village including a candle workshop, ceramics, weaving, carpentry, fine art atelier, paper-making workshop and an herbal workshop that makes soaps, shampoos, lotions, etc.
In Solheimar, you will find a church, a sculpture garden, an arboretum, sports hall, gym and swimming pool, a music garden, an art gallery and, during the summer and for Advent, a cultural festival with different venues for music, fine art, theater, etc.  The sustainability center, Sesseljuhus, was opened in 2002 and is where most conferences, meetings and other gatherings are held both for the village and visitors.
The people of Solheimar are great hosts and everyone is welcome to visit Solheimar.  Volunteers, both long and short term, many for the internship program, have been and continue to be vital to the community’s functioning.  Solheimar has actually become a tourist destination of sorts as well with 30,000 to 35,000 people visiting each year.  The village is host to a number of cultural, social, and sporting activities of interest.  Check out the “What’s Going On” section for current events.
* Welcome to Solheimar – we hope you enjoy your stay with us! *




Sólheimar sjálfbært samfélag | 801 selfoss | Iceland | Sími: 422 6000 | solheimar@solheimar.is