Kerhólsskóli Primary School

There has been a good partnership between Sesseljuhus Center for Sustainable Development and Kerhólsskóli (before Ljósaborg) Primary School for many years.  The school is located in the city of Grímnesi, about 9 km from Solheimar and it has a student body of about 40 children.

Cooperation started around Christmas in 2006 when there was a special installation in Sesseljuhus prepared for the first through fourth graders called My Santa Claus.  The Sesseljuhus staff worked with teachers to tell the children about the history of Santa Claus, Christmas and Icelandic yuletide traditions.  Soon after, students and teachers were both won over with the ambitious Nature and Energy exhibit.  The show attracted much attention for its uniqueness and professionalism.

In the spring of 2008, the principal of Kerhólsskóli, Hilmar Björgvinsson, spoke with representatives of Solheimar and Sesseljuhus expressing interest in having Sesseljuhus put together an elective course for eighth grade students.  With all parties excited about the collaboration, the class debuted in September 2008.  Primary school eighth graders have now completed two elective courses in Sesseljuhus Environmental Center.

The classes attended workshops in Sesseljuhus and were also introduced to work done in Solheimar.

For the fall semester, the course begins with discussions on Solheimar, its history and activities.  But then students are introduced to life and work in Solheimar, viewing the workshops and conducting interviews with those working in them.  The students also get to try out work in the various workshops themselves.

In the spring, the students attend a shorter course focused more on sustainability and the social environment, where people are in the foreground.  The students learn about sustainable development, human impact on the environment and the restrictions that the environment places on humankind.

The partnership between Sesseljuhus Environmental Center and Kerhólsskóli Primary School has been excellent and the visits of the young people bring vibrancy to life in Solheimar in the winter.  Thank you to the Kerhólsskóli principal, the eighth grade classes and their teachers for a wonderful and enjoyable joint enterprise.

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