Eco-Centre – Renewable Energy database

Sesseljuhus Energy Database an interesting exhibit for the public and school groups of all ages. In Sesseljuhús there is a database that receives data on the energy usage of the building. This data is then available to see on so-called Energy screen that is located in the lobby building. There can people see real-time data on the screen that show how much electricity the house is using and how much of the electricity comes from solar cells, windmill and from the land net. Also, people can see how much hot and cold water is used in the house. Also, you can see the amount of coal and oil we would use to produce electricity for the house.

HB Bergþóra

The project started in 2008

IMG_7855 IMG_7850

The Energy screen


The Energy screen


You can select time frame and energy source and see how much energy the house in using from this source.





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