Clean energy better world

Permanent Exhibit: Clean Energy – A Better World

The exhibit Clean Energy – A Better World is the only permanent exhibition in Sesseljuhus and is also the largest. This exhibit focuses on renewable energy, is largely interactive and is very interesting for the whole family.  The

he exhibit is both in English and Icelandic and is open all year. School groups are welcome to the exhibit and receive also a presentation on Sólheimar, the sustainability of Sesseljuhus, and renewable energy in Iceland. 

The exhibit is part of the outdoor Energy Park exhibit, which teaches about the sustainable energy sources used in Solheimar, including wind, solar, geothermal and hydroelectric. .

Performance Management:   Bergþóra Hlíðkvist Skúladóttir, Pálín Dögg Helgadóttir and Sigurður Ingi Friðleifsson
Carpenter:  Christelle Bimier
Graphics:  Art and History

The exhibit was developed in collaboration with Orkusetur. 

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